In 2012-2013 I traveled to Colombia to meet the Shamans, to experience, to explore and to learn how they approach the healing process, spiritual exercises and rituals. I took part in several rituals, oriented to purification and catharsis and at the same time I was involved in the creation and production of a documentary under the title 'Colombia' .Voice and sound play a significant role in rituals. In essence, the work is the recording of the inner rhythm I experienced during the rituals and is focused on the recording of healing songs and sounds along with gestures and shots of the processes. The work is dedicated to the people I met and welcomed me in this beautiful land. The way they honour their ancestors, the relations, the circle, the healing, the land, nature and human became a source of inspiration. I continued my research in Greece on ancient Greek ceremonial practices such as Anastenaria (fire walkers) Klidonas etc. and their profound relation to the shamanic ones abroad. These experiences had a strong impact on my artistic work and led me to a creation of a series of installations ,sculptural works, sketches and a performance that constituted my diploma at the Fine Arts School of Athens in 2015.

Eather, Omens, Penduloop, Firewalkers


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