The series ‘’οιωνοί’’ (omens) consists of drawings of animals, symbols and forms, which reveal the finitude of existence in the form of a riddle. In ancient Greece, ‘’οιωνοί’’ were various natural phenomena which were considered signs, like the direction of flying and sound of birds, the rustling of leaves, celestial signs etc. These signs precede an event and signify the advent of change. Their interpretation was given by certain individuals, the seers (or diviners), who had the gift of foresight and could access divine knowledge. Through highly focused observation of the elements of nature and animal behavior the seers made predictions and gave solutions to private or public matters. Precondition for the interpretation of signs was the coordination of the soul of the seer with the world of the beyond. The forms of the drawings I have created are signs, beckoning the viewer to become the seer.



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