Reflections of Ma


I am interested in captivating the instant pause between movements, known in Japanese as "ma". The Japanese word "Ma" can be freely translated as 'Void', 'Conciousness of Space "," Pause "or" the space between two structural parts. The concept of "ma" is very important in butoh dance. It is the way to make the invisible world visible. The performer is in an expanded state of mind and maintains the balance between energy, tension and control. Through slow, over-controlled movement, the senses are awakened and the perception of time and space changes. This awareness has had a profound effect on my work. As a natural result, I began expressing this sensorial experience through visual arts by creating reflections of Ma on the material carrier. I am particularly interested in the ability of photography to make this space visible. The photos are the recording of this experience, namely the flow of energy I experience with body movement. It s like synchronizing sensitive chords of the body which detect micro movement with the button of the camera. The click is happening at the exact moment I perceive as ‘’ma’’.



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