100 Meetings / Baihui


After a healing session, in the same space, I create  clay sculptures and paintings of large dimensions. A cartographic ritual process resulting from the echo, the encounter with man and his deepest essence. The therapeutic practice requires the highest concentration and delicate manipulations in contrast to the creation of the artworks of art where intense spontaneity and freedom of movements take place. Artworks of geometric abstraction with references to the architecture of the ancient Asclepians and the technique of repose through the use of vivid watercolors, light and natural materials such as clay, marble and wood. Stories of psychic realms are transmuted/transformed through matter, bringing harmony and inner balance to the space. Some artworks are titled with acupuncture point names based on the classical nomenclature of ancient Chinese Yin Yang Theory. Each name exudes a poetry while  simultaneously  describing the energetic activity/content of the point on the body. The combination of these practices gives me the opportunity to be inspired, reflect, and channel through artistic creation, philosophical, scientific, and spiritual material. The approach listens to the sacredness, respect and love for human and the universal forces that these practices require, invoke and distill.





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