Lunar orbits

 The series is inspired by the theory of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, water, metal) and the art of acupuncture that I practice. It consists of a series of sculptures, drawings and photographs that approach the concept of coordination. In traditional medicine, the position of the moon and the planets, the time, the season, weather phenomena etc. are of major importance for the outcome of the treatment and the selection of the appropriate herbs and acupoints. In the ceramic sculptures-receptacles, I place herbs and minerals such as artemisia, chamomile, sage, zeolite, according to their properties of soothing or tonifying the body with the tendency to create a balance between the elements and the visual forms. Some of the works I create, include objects that I have used on my body during my self-healing such as medical needles and moxa. The interventions on these objects through drawings or sculptural configurations, transform them into works of viewing. The act of sharing a deeper personal process , acquires another transformational dimension, role and meaning during their exposure under the viewer's gaze.



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